SkyCore Plumbing and Heating is a family owned and operated company that provides plumbing, heating, HRV, and boiler services to Commercial, Industrial & Residential Clients. Our service area includes St. John’s, Mt.Pearl and surrounding area. When life happens, our fully licensed plumbers are always ready to answer the call. Whatever your requirements, you can always rely on a prompt and efficient response. Our workmanship of the highest quality.

Experienced, licensed plumbers that are fully insured.

All of our plumbers are fully insured and licensed for plumbing service in Newfoundland. In general, plumbing codes are very rigid and they need to be followed carefully. This is to insure both your health, and the health of your building. Because of this, if your work does not adhere to current building codes, a city inspector could fail the work. This could hold up your job indefinitely. Our technicians have (a combined) 52 years of experience. If we install and service your water heater or sink it will be done right, and it will conform to the current codes.

Professional Through and Through

Our technicians are professionals. We take pride in showing up with the most professional plumbers in all of St. John’s. Our staff will show up to your job dressed in a professional attire. They will carry out the job in a professional fashion, and when they leave they will clean up any mess that they have made. Your house will look great, and you will feel great because you have hired the best.

Our Vans are Fully Stocked

We don’t waste your time. All of our vans come fully stocked with parts. While it’s impossible to calculate an exact number, we estimate that our vans carry enough parts to cover about 85% of the repairs, installations, and renovation jobs that we see in the metro St. Johns & Mt Pearl area. In many cases this allows us to fix your problem with 1 trip. Unless your problem is very “unique”, second and third visits from us are not usually required.